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FXVMusicPlayer is a music player I made on VB.NET as a school project that got a little bigger. It's still an Alpha version, last updated around Summer 2018. The code functions well, it's just a bit buggy because it's not as protected as I wanted it to be.

Using mainly "LibzPlay" library, but also ID3TAG and other tag readers as this was my main goal (read all ID3 tags from files, store them and use them)

I was also going to add ImageBlur to the program but frameworks kinda destroyed it.

Notes: I don't know when or if I will update this again. This program is 100% Framework-Themeable, using stuff like WindowBlinds or UltraUXThemePatcher will make my program prettier :P

Some examples:

Using the MusicPlayer on a Themed DE imagem

Using Win10 Default: